Masquerade comrade...

sharon mask.jpg
sharon home halloween.jpg
sharon decor.jpg

I love it when I'm given photos of the person actually wearing the mask I've made. Even better, Sharon took the time to post a CD of loads of images all the way from the States to show me her fantastic Halloween party she hosts every 2 years. Each time there's a different theme and 2014 was 'Day of the Dead'. Looking at her mask you might not think it's DotD, but hey, that's what she wanted and that's what she got. I think she looks amazing in it. The black feathers and glitter really sets off her eyes and hair colour. Plus 2 others she ordered were more DotD, which went on display in her home (how chuffed was I!!!)

Sharon takes a couple of weeks to prepare her home for the party and from what I've seen in all the other photos it looks amazing. It was shuch a priviledge to be part of this and know something I'd created was across the ocean being part of one my favourite holidays of the year.

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