Changing styles to suit a story

Finally. Finished. Maybe a few tweaky changes, but the book, as a whole, is finished.

The first image is a test illustration for the author and the second image is a finished page from the book. I decided to change the image style to be more 'punchy' and vibrant. As much as I liked my creation first off, the niggling feeling it didn't suit the feel of the book wouldn't leave me alone. It felt too wishy-washy, and although the book is about a mermaid and wishy-washy water is all around her, I needed to go with my gut instinct to change it. Strangely, the test page was one of the last pages to get changed into the new look, as I let the other pages lead the way. It's due out this Christmas, and the author is self-publishing. I hope I did the text justice, and they marry up well. Release date coming soon :)

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