About Me and my Creative Background...

I'm currently creating a new portfolio of work, this has
been ongoing since February and I hope to unveil by the
end of the year. Exciting times!

I am still working for the wonderful people at Timbalaya and fingers crossed the first themed park will be open in Kuwait, very soon.

I paint, print-make and mask-make. I like to express myself by throwing materials around and hoping for the best!


I grew up in the West Midlands, where my love for line
and colour grew into love for illustration and mixed-media.
I studied Art in Birmingham and Devon, graduating with a BA Hons in Illustration & Graphic Design and a PGCE in Secondary Art Education.


I then spent 19 years developing a career that included freelance design, publishing, teaching Art & Design, artist residencies and working with Devon Art Advisors. Towards the end of my time in Exeter and before I moved to Brighton, I gained an M.A in Children's Book Illustration where I was honoured to win awards from Macmillan Publishers & Egmont Publishers.


I love to take creativity into new worlds. My illustrations, paintings and masks are a direct response to my love of the world and understanding of human need to express or disguise itself, to play and to transcend the boundaries of the 'everyday'. There is always a narrative that plays a part in my creative process and I like to translate this into the visual world.

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